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Other Strategies

logoLocal governments can consider other strategies to encourage residential maintenance and rehabilitation. While financing and regulation are key elements in residential remodeling strategy, others can help reinforce elements and assure that a city is taking a comprehensive approach to this issue.

Strategies Checklist

This checklist is a strategic guide for governments to promote residential remodeling. A community does not have to act on every item, but it should consider each item.

  • Does the city have an effective code enforcement or property maintenance program?
    • Code enforcement assures that existing property is maintained at a certain standard acceptable to the community. Does your city have such a code and is it effective? If not, why not?
    • Are your city's property maintenance and nuisance codes (ordinances related to weeds and junk cars, for example) clear? Do they cover all situations the city faces?
    • Does the city have adequate staff assigned to code enforcement? Are they properly trained?
    • Is the public aware of the property maintenance and nuisance standards for the city and does the city promote compliance with these standards? Does the city work with homeowner associations and neighborhood groups to ensure understanding and compliance?
    • The International Codes Council (ICC) produces the International Property Maintenance Code, which is used by a number of communities.
  • Does the city have a problem with maintenance of rental property?
    • Often rental property is a maintenance problem, which can be difficult to deal with if landlords live out of town. Is this a problem for your city?
    • Some communities have adopted rental licensing ordinances in order to gain added leverage with landlords in enforcing property maintenance and nuisance ordinances. Would your city consider adopting a rental licensing ordinance?
    • Rental licensing can range from requiring a landlord to have a local agent (such as Prairie Village) to enforcing specific maintenance standards for rental property and threatening revocation of their license if landlords do not comply (such as Kansas City, Kan.).
  • Does the city have a comprehensive program to maintain, replace and enhance neighborhood infrastructure?
    • Streets
    • Sidewalks
    • Parks