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Health Services

Because healthy children are more successful in school, MAHS focuses on providing coordinated access to medical, dental and other health care services. MAHS uses educational materials to explain each of the Early Head Start and Head Start health requirements to parents and health care providers, and collaborates with them to provide physical, nutritional and health care services to children.

Nutrition Services

MAHS encourages good nutrition and works with parents and staff to assess and meet the nutritional needs of all children, particularly those with special dietary needs, medical-based diets or disabilities. MAHS facilitates wellness programs to encourage proper nutrition, rest, hygiene and physical activity in children’s daily routines in order to promote lifelong well-being.

Coordinated Health Care Services

The MAHS Health Services Advisory Committee comprises community representatives from all aspects of the health care field. The committee engages traditional and nontraditional partners to form a network which increases access to health care and strengthens the coordination and delivery of services to Head Start children and their families.