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Services Plan for At-Risk Children and Youth

The Homelessness Task Force of Greater Kansas City’s 2012 strategic plan, Homeward Bound, recommended steps to eliminate homelessness for at-risk children and youth. The Metropolitan Mental Health Stakeholders and its Children’s System Change Committee have identified the needs for mental health services to assist children and youth address challenges, including effects of trauma. Many non-profit agencies and school districts offer preventive, treatment and other support services to at-risk children and youth, but the needs exceed available resources and services.
A study was recently completed to allow the Kansas City region’s leaders to better understand the available resources, the unmet needs and possible strategies to address critical gaps in services. This study includes the following key components:
  1. An analysis of data from federal, state and local sources to gain a better understanding of the numbers and needs of at-risk children and youth in the nine-county Kansas City region.
  2. Information from local organizations serving this population to gain a better understanding of available services and unmet needs.
  3. Results of a survey of the public conducted to understand awareness and concern about the needs of at-risk children and youth, available services and unmet needs and determine citizen interest in using existing or new public resources to address the needs of this population.
  4. A community investment plan on how resources could be used to address priority needs.
The Mid-America Regional Council engaged the University of Missouri Institute of Public Policy to prepare the plan for the community, working closely with the Children and Youth Project Team. The study began in early 2014 and was completed in July.

The project is supported with funding from the Reach Healthcare Foundation and the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.

Investment Plan

Investment Plan Executive Summary

Full Report: Investment Plan to Address the Needs of At-Risk Children and Youth in Greater Kansas City Investment Plan with Attachments (PDF, 4MB, includes report and all 8 attachments)

Needs Assessments

Kansas City Regional Needs Assessment

Cass County
Clay County
Jackson County
Platte County
Ray County

Johnson County
Leavenworth County
Miami County
Wyandotte County

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