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Info for City Officials & Urban Planners

City officials and urban planners create a safe environment for pedestrians and drivers of all ages. Creating and maintaining specific design guidelines will help the older adult population drive more safely. 
Here are a few common questions asked by city officials and urban designers: 

What are some design guidelines for older driver and pedestrian safety?

Changes can be made to signs and roadway design that help older drivers more easily see and understand the rules of the road. The Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration released a report providing guidelines and recommendations to help older drivers and pedestrians. Many of the suggestions are simple, such as requiring larger signs or larger letters on signs. 
The report also recommends longer crossing times at crosswalks, and median refuge islands in the middle of larger streets to accommodate those who have trouble walking, and additional signage for those who may not be able to see well. 
Read the full report.

The Older Adult Driver and Pedestrian Safety section of the KC Communities for All Ages web pages was made available through Community AGEnda: Improving America for All Ages grant sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation and Grantmakers In Aging, with local funding through the Jewish Heritage Foundation and WJ Brace Charitable Trust, Bank of America, Trustee.