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Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is an important part of being healthy, but not everyone understands the importance fresh, healthy food can have on maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding preventable diseases.

Obesity is a leading cause of preventable disease, and studies show that 30 percent of adults in Kansas and 31 percent of adults in Missouri are obese. 
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What can you do?

What can communities or employers do?

Not all communities have east access to healthy food. Some residents eat fast food or convenience foods because they can’t access or afford healthier options. Fortunately, there is a movement toward making healthy, affordable foods available in these neighborhoods. Farmers markets, community gardens and “healthy corner stores” are springing up in underserved areas.

  • Encourage neighborhood stores to carry healthier food options. (Learn about Healthy Corner Stores, below.)
  • Encourage schools and businesses to make healthier food options available in vending machines used by students, employees and customers. (Learn about Healthy Vending, below.)
  • Support gardening, community gardens, farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSAs). (See resources above.)

Healthy Corner Stores

Residents of some Kansas City and Independence, Mo., neighborhoods now have access to healthy food options at neighborhood convenience stores through the Jackson County Healthy Corner Store Initiative. These stores are making it easier to find fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grain foods, healthy beverages and healthy snacks.

  • Indiana Market, 3646 Indiana Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
  • 7-Eleven, 201 E US Hwy 24, Independence, Missouri
  • Shayan's EZ Shop , 8005 Paseo Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Al-Rahman Halal Market, 2200 Lexington Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Curts Market, 10101 E Truman Rd, Independence, Missouri
  • IB Dollar Store, 4614 St. John Ave. , Kansas City, Missouri
  • La Plaza Market, 11004 E Winner Rd, Independence, Missouri

The Jackson County Healthy Corner Store Initiative is part of a larger effort to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease called Building a Healthier Jackson County. Partners supporting this effort include MARC, the Kansas City, Mo., Health Department, Independence Health Department, Jackson County Health Department, the University of Missouri Extension, 4H and the University of Kansas Medical Center. Building a Healthier Jackson County is supported in part by funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Think cooking healthy food takes longer? Not always. Try some of our simple and tasty recipes to help you get a healthy meal on the table fast. These recipes use ingredients found at most Healthy Corner Stores.

Healthier vending

Finding healthy food in vending machines is getting easier. To help businesses and schools offer healthier food options to students, employees and customers, The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care issued a resource guide: Healthy Vending in the Workplace. The guide offers information to help employers and other organizations with vending machines understand the value of increasing the availability and affordability of healthful foods.