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Time Leaving for Work

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2013 American Community Survey 1-Year

Date: 12-17-2014

Geography: Kansas City MSA

Topics: Transportation, Transit, Commuting

Purpose:  Seek insight on how many workers commute outside the traditional “rush hour.”

When you’re stuck in morning rush-hour traffic on one of Kansas City’s interstate highways, you may feel like all 964,000 area commuters are in your way. But census data shows that more than 27 percent of all KC metro commuters leave for work outside the traditional rush hour (5–9 a.m.).

Commuters leaving for work at non-traditional hours
(before 5 a.m. or after 9 a.m.) by mode
  Number Percent of Mode Total
Total  262,119 27.2%
Car Driving Alone  222,549 26.5%
Carpool  25,630 29.3%
Public Transit  4,122 33.7%
Walk  6,023 42.2%
other  3,795 34.3%
The percentage of commuters who go to work at non-traditional times varies by mode of travel. More than one-third of public transit users leave for work before or after the traditional morning rush — and this percentage might be even higher if more bus routes offered off-peak service. Those taking transit appear to leave earlier than other modes (37.4 percent between 5-7 a.m.), but 19 percent leave for work after noon, indicating some demand for later bus service.

Walkers have the highest percentage (42.2) leaving at non-traditional times, even though a substantial percentage leave in the 8 o’clock hour. Walkers have the highest percentages leaving for work in the afternoon and evening.

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