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2040 Forecast: Where and how will we grow?

Why make long-range forecasts?

As the region's designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, MARC must predict growth and traffic patterns each time it updates the Metropolitan Transportation Plan — a plan that guides all of our transportation investments that use federal funds. Major highways are planned years in advance, and to plan correctly we need to know where our population and employment will grow. Read more about the Technical Forecast Committee»

The forecast process

A forecast of the number of people and jobs that will be located in Greater Kansas City by 2040 is needed to predict residents' future travel needs.

According to MARC's economic model, the region can expect to be home to 2.5 million people and 1.5 million jobs in 2040, up from 2 million people and 1.2 million jobs in 2010. Where will the additional 500,000 people live and work?

Transportation Outlook 2040 adopted in June 2015

Transportation Outlook 2040 is Greater Kansas City's metropolitan transportation plan that will guide an estimated $33.1 billion in multimodal investments in the bistate region over the next 25 years. For nearly two years, MARC committees and staff worked with local government planners, elected officials, regional stakeholders and the public to update the plan.

The MARC Board of Directors adopted the Transportation Outlook 2040 update in June 2015 that includes an updated forecast.

This plan update refreshes the 2010 policy framework, forecasts eroding purchasing power in state and federal funds, estimates higher costs to operate and maintain the regional transportation system, anticipates greater reliance on local resources, strengthens the strategic role of Complete Streets, reinforces development and redevelopment along corridors and activity centers, projects moderate growth in regional population and employment over the life of the plan, incorporates recommendations from regional studies completed since 2010. Review the plan documents»