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Greater Kansas City Economic Forecast, 2017

The economic forecast MARC prepares for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce was presented on Oct. 28, 2016, at its annual forecast breakfast. The forecast for the Kansas City area economy to add 19,000 jobs over the coming year, with economic output expected to grow about 2 percent. This rate of economic growth is currently sufficient to put downward pressure on unemployment and upward pressure on wages, resulting in rising prosperity that is more broadly shared. Productivity, measured as output per worker, has been flat or declining both locally and nationally, however, which may make future expansion of jobs and income more difficult.

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(5MB, October 2016 release)

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Greater Kansas City Economic Forecast, 2016

The Economic Forecast is an annual report describing the national economic climate and its effects on the Kansas City area economy over the next eight quarters. The report estimates the region's expected change in output, income and employment, with employment broken down by industry. The forecast also includes outlooks for the states of Kansas and Missouri. 

Download the 2016 Economic Forecast» (5MB, October 2015 release)

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Forecasts from 1992 through 2015 are available. Contact Terry Anderson for more information.