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Park Data Inventory

Park Map Snapshot

MARC seeks help from local governments and agencies to maintain park data for Greater Kansas City.

An accurate park inventory is important to several regional planning initiatives, ranging from water quality to MetroGreen to Public Safety. Accurate park information will improve our ability to account for green spaces and trails in planning work, highlight your jurisdiction's natural amenities on regional maps, and improve public safety.

This is why we ask local jurisdictions for help to ensure we have the most up-to-date park and trail data for the MARC region. This collaborative process will benefit our agencies and area in many ways.

How to help

An editable online map is set up for easy review of the regional parks data. Please submit additions or corrections to the parks data in the online map, or by sharing park data with MARC in GIS data format, paper or digital maps. If your bikeway and trail data is already posted online as a map service or download, please let us know that it is available. We will retrieve it and edit the data, with no further action needed from you.

Parks are mapped with two datasets:

1) Park boundaries, and
2) Point locations of facilities within parks.

To download the draft regional parks and parks facilities GIS data:
Contact MARC GIS staff at or 816/701-8385.

Review the park data in an interactive online map»

Map instructions

Click on a park to view more information.

Select the ‘edit’ tool (highlighted in picture), and then click on ‘New Feature’ for a point or polygon to 1) place a point on the map to indicate a facility within a park, or 2) suggest additions or changes to park boundaries.



Once you add a point or polygon, fill in basic information on the park or facility.

Facilities included in the parks data

  • Parks and park facilities
  • Nature centers, community centers, and recreation center buildings
  • Golf courses
  • Dog parks
  • Fishing areas
  • Boating facilities
  • Skate parks
  • Cemeteries
  • State, federal and other parks and conservation lands
  • Public sports facilities
  • Public pools