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Maps of the Kansas City Region

Many maps of the Kansas City region are offered below as free downloads.

Prints of maps listed on this page or aerial photographs are available at $35 each. Aerial photographs are available for several years between 1967 and 2014. Contact MARC’s GIS staff or complete the online existing map order form.

MARC also provides custom mapping services for $75 per hour. Contact MARC's GIS staff for more information or complete the online custom map order form.

Interactive maps

  • Park-and-Ride
    View locations in the Kansas City region to park your vehicle and connect with transit and carpooling
  • TIGER Tracker
    Learn more about the TIGER projects in the Kansas City metropolitan area

Reference maps

  • MARC Reference Map, large
    Cities, counties and major roads. Formatted for E-size (34" x 44") printing. 2.47 MB.
    (File is actually formatted to print on 36" plotter paper - prints 36" or 34")
  • Census Tracts
    Cities and Census tracts in the MARC region (2010 and 2000)
  • Zip Code Tabulation Areas
    2000 U.S. Census ZCTAs approximate the delivery area for zip codes. Not all zip codes used for delivery are included.
  • Land Use
    Land use data compiled from county Appraisers' data for the 7-county region, with county land-use types converted to a common set of classifications
  • Planned Land Use
    A compilation of city and county land-use plans for the 7-county region, with local land-use types converted to a common set of classifications

Thematic maps

Other MARC programs and map resources

  • MetroDataline
    Find data on the Kansas City region’s population, economy and social characteristics
  • MetroGreen
    Connected natural areas, greenways and trails in the 7-county Kansas City region