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Census 2010

Census Data for the MARC Region

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The U.S. Census Bureau released population data from the 2010 Census for both Kansas and Missouri. Local and state governments use this data to redraw voting districts to ensure balanced representation. This process, called redistricting, happens after every decennial census.

In Missouri, redistricting was especially important this year as the state lost a congressional seat. Congressional district boundaries across the nation are redrawn to ensure that each of the 435 districts represents an equal number of people, and some other states grew faster than Missouri. Many local governments also make changes to city council districts, community college districts, school districts and other boundaries to reflect shifting populations.

The census data includes counts of total population and voting age population (those aged 18 and over) by race and Hispanic origin down to the block level. It also includes counts of total occupied housing units and vacant units. The race and Hispanic origin data is required to ensure fair representation regardless of race or ethnic origin.

MARC's Research Services Department has compiled census data for the MARC region in several formats that are available for download.

Other regional data is available from MARC's Research Services Department online on the MetroDataline and GIS web pages.