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Births & Deaths

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An important building block in the production of population estimates is found in administrative records of births and deaths. An increase or decrease in either one or both indicators must be examined to determine a trend or an aberration.

To facilitate use of these data sets, they have been divided by geographic levels:

States and Counties (235k, updated 05/15/12) - includes selected characteristics for Kansas and Missouri, the 17 counties in the Kansas City-Overland Park-Kansas City CSA and Douglas County, KS through 2009 (Missouri side) and 2010 (Kansas side), with some data going back to 1911.

Selected Cities (102k, updated 04/01/15) - Includes, among others, the largest cities in the CSA, most starting in 1980 (data for Missouri is through 2012 and Kansas through 2013).

ZIP Codes (905k, updated 03/26/09) - includes all the ZIP codes in the CSA from 1980 through 2007.