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KCRMORG logoThe mission of the Kansas City Mortuary Operational Response Group (KCRMORG) is to provide the personnel and resources to facilitate an organized and effective response to mass fatality events.  The KCRMORG uses regional personnel, resources and capabilities to recover, transport, process and identify decedents in the event of a mass fatality event occurring in the nine-county Kansas City metropolitan area. Team members are trained in the functional areas of site recovery of decedent remains, morgue operations and working with a Victim Identification Center (VIC).

KCRMORG can operate throughout the nine-county Kansas City metropolitan area, at the request of the local medical examiner or coroner, and may also operate throughout the state of Missouri if requested and available. Standard Operating Procedures are used by all KCRMORG members at the disaster site(s), incident examination center(s), incident morgue(s), fatality collection center(s), fatality transfer center(s), and all other facilities established for a specific incident or mission for the purpose of mass fatality management, support or coordination. 


To support the mission of the KCRMORG, the region — working in conjunction with the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office — has purchased equipment and supplies for a mobile morgue, including a 53-foot refrigerated trailer. The mobile morgue may deploy with and be operated by KCRMORG personnel. With current equipment supplies, and dependent on the condition of remains, the KCRMORG has the ability to process 80 to 100 decedents. State and/or federal support will be required for mass fatality events exceeding these capabilities, or when morgue operations have the potential to extend past two weeks.

Participating Agencies

  • Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Kansas City, Mo., Crime Lab
  • Kansas City, Mo., Police Department
  • Johnson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Johnson County Crime Lab
  • Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department
  • Shawnee Police Department
  • Miami County EMS   
  • UMKC School of Dentistry
  • First Call Morgue