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Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System Management Council

Staff Contact:

Adam Geffert, 816-701-8221

MARRS Governance Documents

MARRS SOP Documents

Regional Radio System:
The Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS) is a consortium of 700 MHz and 800 MHZ trunked radio systems in the MARC region that comply with APCO Project 25 standards and with Inter Sub-system Switch Interoperability (ISSI) standards. This consortium provides authorized radio users with the ability to seamlessly roam and have voice communications through each of the radio systems.

MARRS Management Council:
The MARRS Management Council provides policy guidance and oversight of the radio system to ensure that a high quality, reliable system is available to the metropolitan area, meets the needs of emergency response agencies and is financed equitably.


MARRS Technical Committee
Ed Brundage, Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department and Ellen Wernicke, Johnson County Emergency Commuications Center
The Technical Committee provides advice to the Management Council and the Public Safety Communications Board on technical aspects involving the design of the regional system; guidance on radios eligible for use; programming of radios for use; and infrastructure improvement or upgrade issues.

MARRS User Committee
Capt. Kevin Cauley, Leawood Police Department
and Maj. Chris Skinrood, Riverside Police Department
The Users Committee provides a forum for all agencies using the regional system to discuss concerns and operational issues, identify training needs, and recommend enhancements to improve their use of the regional system. Each participating agency using the system, including host agencies, appoints one representative to this committee.  

MARC Staff Contact:
Adam Geffert, 816-701-8221