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Conformity Consulting Agencies


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MOVES2010 Mobile Source Emissions Model: Questions and Answers

News Release: EPA Releases New Mobile Source Emissions Model

EPA's Transportation Conformity website

State Implementation Plans (SIP) for New Non-Attainment Areas

Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Conformity website

Basic Guide and Reference Guide to Transportation Conformity

FHWA Training Courses

Transportation Conformity 101 Presentation (2.3MB)

Staff Contacts:
Amanda Graor, 816/701-8333
Charles Gorugantula, 816/701-8316

Scope of Work

The Conformity Consulting Agencies works with state and federal agencies on the requirements of transportation conformity in the Kansas City area. Members are from state and federal transportation agencies, US EPA Region 7, state environmental agencies and area MPOs and environmental agencies.

Meetings and Activities

This committee meets on an as-needed basis, with quarterly meetings beginning in fall 2010. Meetings are generally held in the MARC offices, 600 Broadway Blvd, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. To join the mailing list for this group to be notified of future meetings, please contact Amanda Graor.

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