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Emissions Clinics

gas cap testingEmissions clinics include a brief courtesy inspection and a test of your vehicle's tailpipe emissions. Tests take less than 15 minutes.

Gas-cap testing uses a device to determine if your vehicle's gas cap is adequately sealing. Tests take less than 30 seconds.

The MARC Air Quality Program works with partners to provide voluntary emissions-testing and gas-cap testing clinics across the region, FREE of charge.

Why participate in these tests?

Both tests are designed to save consumers money and reduce pollution by identifying vehicles that may be in need of simple maintenance.

Replacing a leaky gas cap for less than $20 can save as much as a gallon of gas every 15 days, and early diagnosis of engine-performance issues can help prevent serious engine problems that can wind up costing hundreds of dollars. Less wasted gas and more efficient vehicles also equal cleaner air.

Upcoming clinics

Emissions clinics take place during ozone season, which last from March 1 through Oct. 31. There are no more scheduled emissions clinics for the 2016 year. Please check back in the spring of 2017 for date, time and location information of emissions clinics.