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Missouri Breathe Easy Project

Organization name: Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
Project manager: Doug Norsby
Address: 600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64105-1659
Phone: 816-701-8259
Fax: 816-421-7758


Project budget

The total budget for this project was $138,000. Of this amount, $83,500 was allocated by the Department of Natural Resources and $54,500 was a mandatory cost share that was provided by Norfolk Southern Railway Company ($45,000) and APAC Kansas City ($9,500) — the partners included in this project.

Project period

Sept. 1, 2011, through Nov. 30, 2014


During this project, one construction loader had an engine repower, and five switch-engine locomotives were retrofitted with automatic engine start-up/shut-down device (AESSD) systems.

Construction loader engine upgrade

APAC Kansas City upgraded a construction loader engine with outdated emission controls to meet Tier 1 emission standards. Bids for the upgrade kit and labor for the rebuild were taken from manufacturers and vendors who could supply EPA-certified upgrade kits that meet Tier 1 emission standards on a 3306 Caterpillar.

This project was completed on July 17, 2013. The contact for this project was Dave Hruska, APAC Kansas City, at 913-238-4202.

Switch engine locomotive retrofits

Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NSRC) retrofited five switch-engine locomotives with automatic engine shutdown/startup device (AESSDs). AESSDs turn off the main engine while idling, but can restart the engine when necessary based on a set time period, temperature, or when other criteria such as battery charge indicate that idling is necessary. Only manufacturers and vendors with AESSDs listed on the EPA-verified Idle Reduction Technology list were allowed to bid for the contracts to provide the technology.

The contacts for this project were Darrell Wilson and Mark Duve, Norfolk Southern Railway Company, at 404-582-6743.