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Solar Maps for Local Government

As part of the Solar Ready II initiative, MARC created an online, interactive solar map called the Metro Kansas City Solar Map, located at This website allows the user to look up their address, zoom to their property, and view its solar potential. Additionally, the tool provides information on upfront cost, electricity bill cost savings, and payback period.

Twenty-six jurisdictions are Solar Ready II participants, and for all of them, MARC created solar potential maps. These maps show a community profile for the amount of rooftop solar that can be installed in each jurisdiction. This data is broken down by land use and also shows potential electricity cost savings. MARC hopes that these maps are illustrative for our local governments in depicting the substantial amounts of solar energy potential that they all possess.

Community Solar Profiles


Johnson County Leavenworth County

Unified Government


Cass County

Clay County
Jackson County
Platte County