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Action Plan

The MetroGreen Action Plan provides a greenprint for a metropolitan trails system that connects urban and rural green corridors throughout seven counties in the Kansas City region. The plan is also designed to protect and improve water quality in the region for the next 100 years, conserving and enhancing the region's existing natural elements. Above all, MetroGreen exists to ensure that area residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

MetroGreen will preserve and protect stream corridors in the seven-county Kansas City area by helping to use floodplain lands to absorb floodwaters, thus reducing economic loss. The clean water component of MetroGreen will to support the biological diversity of streams, rivers and lakes through:

  • Specifying waterways to be used for recreational purposes.
  • Offering watershed strategies for flood control and for protecting natural stream corridors.
  • Recommending local adoption of streamside buffer zones.
  • Restoring native habitat for indigenous plants and animals.

MetroGreen is designed to provide off-road corridors that are linked to form an alternative transportation network connecting the seven-county region. MetroGreen promotes non-motorized travel options and expands non-motorized routes, linking destinations including home, school and work. Green corridors for walking and biking enhance other public health initiatives by broadening opportunities for area residents to lead healthy lifestyles.

MetroGreen will make it possible for residents to experience the beauty of our region's natural landscapes. The plan envisions outdoor classrooms to promote environmental education in the areas of urban geography, social studies and environmental management. In addition, MetroGreen proposes interpretive programs that celebrate cultural facilities located within its corridors.

MetroGreen will support ways to protect and restore native habitat for indigenous plants and animals.

MetroGreen will encourage the development of public/private partnerships to make practical decisions concerning the construction and maintenance of future greenways. Among MetroGreen's primary goals is to identify specific economic strategies that will define the plan as a prime component of a healthy and vibrant regional economy. MetroGreen will identify partnership opportunities with private sector businesses, civic organizations, associations and individuals to spread the cost of implementing and managing the greenways, and will concentrate on cost savings associated with greenway development.

MetroGreen® Action Plan

MetroGreen is an expansion of George Kessler's original "greenprint" plan and the ASLA 1991 vision. The report includes: greenways, trails and open space; environmental stewardship; urban growth management; and future development strategy. It details a recommended development plan and funding strategies.

  • Acknowledgements (1.5MB, 5 pages)
  • Executive Summary (383kb, 6 pages)
  • Introduction (340kb, 11 pages)
  • Existing System (971kb, 15 pages)
  • Recommendations (9MB, 24 pages)
  • Implementation (350kb, 14 pages)
  • Appendices (13MB, 285 pages)
    • Appendix A: Summary of Public Input
    • Appendix B: Citizen Survey
    • Appendix C: Benefits of Greenways
    • Appendix D: Design Guidelines for MetroGreen
    • Appendix E: MetroGreen Finance Strategy
    • Appendix F: Operations, Maintenance and Management
    • Appendix G: ArcView Resource Database