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Planning Briefs

Planning brief documents

  • Ordinances Planning Brief — Many communities have had ordinances governing solid wastes for many years, but the way we handle our trash is rapidly changing. It may be time for your community to examine its ordinances related to trash and recycling and make them fit the changing needs of your residents. This brief will highlight some common local ordinance components and suggested steps for enforcement.

  • E-waste Planning Brief — Electronics waste or "e-waste," is growing at an alarming rate. Recycling computers and other devices is critical for preserving landfill space, recovering valuable components and for ensuring that hazardous materials used to make electronics are properly disposed of.

  • Recycling at Special Events — Recycling at special events can provide opportunities for communities to demonstrate environmental leadership. Increased recycling and waste minimization efforts send a positive public message and can help lower trash disposal fees.

  • Community Cleanup Days — Community cleanup days are a value-added service that allows your residents to properly dispose of unwanted material that is often not accepted at curbside. Residents can drop off yard waste, appliances, electronics, construction and demolition waste, household furniture and other bulky household items at a designated location.