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Regional Water Quality Surveys

Every two years MARC conducts a Water Quality Survey of residents in the metropolitan Kansas City area. The survey is part of an ongoing effort to measure the impact that water quality education efforts in the region are having on the public’s overall awareness and behavior. It provides a benchmark for objectively evaluating water quality education initiatives over time. The first survey was conducted in 2003. Past years' surveys available upon request. 

2016 Regional Water Quality Survey

2014 Regional Water Quality Survey

Regional Watershed/Stormwater Planning
and Management Program

The Regional Watershed/Stormwater Planning and Management Program is designed to promote cooperation among communities across the region in addressing stormwater management,
non-point source pollution, and related water quality problems. This program, sponsored by the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), represents a consensus among local government public works and planning officials from around the region on joint actions for improved watershed planning and stormwater management in metropolitan Kansas City.


Regional Water Quality Public Education Committee
Annual Report

The Regional Water Quality Public Education Program is a comprehensive approach to raising public awareness about watershed issues and water quality in the Kansas City region. The long-term water quality public education strategy capitalizes on momentum created by past water quality awareness topics and community initiatives such as the Kansas Healthy Yards and Communities program. The committee’s education and outreach activities vary each year but typically consist of a media campaign, a mini-grant program, training, and education and outreach materials.

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