Become a more effective leader in your community!

If you're someone who routinely raises your hand to fill a leadership void when your community needs you, then the Community Leadership Program (CLP) will show you how to become even more efficient and successful as you lead and serve. Rise to the challenge of developing more dynamic leadership traits, or build on existing skills and experiences by enrolling in this series. Maximize the impact that your time, dedication and hard work makes in local communities.

This leadership development opportunity uses techniques that emphasize personal reflection, growth, and new strategies to implement in your very meaningful work. The CLP is a learning process intended to help residents acquire the attitudes, skills and abilities required for active participation that guides community issues toward a brighter future by growing as leaders, we develop and improve our local communities.

A progressive skill-building curriculum has been developed for the CLP through conversations with community leaders and city staff, and by studying a wide variety of community leadership models. Take advantage of this unique offer by signing up now.

Personal Strenghts

Personal Strengths Certificate

In life and in our communities, we lead with our personal strengths. Identify your strengths and learn how to use them effectively.
Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Certificate

Learn how to earn respect from and show respect to fellow residents and government partners. Find out ways to capitalize on your relationships and enable groups to work together to solve problems. 
Problem Solving

Relationship Building Certificate

Learn to build effective relationships based on understanding your full potential and what it means to help others realize theirs. Go beyond the popular concept of servant leadership and discover how you can be an empowering influence. 
Relationship Building

Problem Solving Certificate

Before solving problems, it is a leader's responsibility to understand the dynamics of the problem and how individuals and organizations are reacting to it. Practice using the D-E-A-L problem solving model using real-life Kansas City scenarios. 
Community Building

Community Building Certificate

Use what you have learned about yourself and about working with others to connect resources and assets around a shared value or interest.