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Advanced Facilitator

Advanced Facilitator

Whereas the Successful Facilitator certificate program provided general process tools to enable any meeting facilitation, The Advanced Facilitator training will focus on specific problem-solving techniques that can be used to resolve issues that lead to consensus failure. These techniques will be married to the prior learning and will offer the practitioner many more options in their facilitation applications.

The certificate program is based essentially on the "learn by participation" method of instruction. Small group discussions, case studies, practice, feedback, and planning activities are emphasized. Lectures and video tapes are used to stress pertinent major points.

The certificate programs require the participants to attend all five sessions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify personal "real problems" experienced in facilitated meetings around difficulty in achieving consensus.
  • Diagnose problems and discuss solutions applying facilitative techniques to instructor-experienced meetings.
  • Explore and apply specific aspects of a problem-solving model.
  • Understand the purpose and application of a scope document, used for managing projects.
  • Select and use appropriate tools and techniques for determining problem cause(s) and reaching agreement on solutions, force field analysis, cause and effect diagram ("fishbone diagram").
  • Select and use appropriate tools and techniques for generating ideas and reaching agreement on solutions, "show your cards," balance sheets, criteria-rating matrix, effort vs. impact matrix, weighted voting.
  • Describe how to lead a team/group through the Deming Model for action.
  • Describe how to record a team/group's actions, accountability and status on an action register.

Location: MARC Conference Center

Customized Programs

Facilitation Certificate programs can be tailored for on-site training programs. If you have a large group requiring the same information at the same time, a customized program will provide you with the greatest return on your training investment.

Questions? If you have questions about the Advanced Facilitator certificate program or are interested in offering customized training opportunities for your agency, please contact Jonathan Morris at 816-701-8306.