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To meet your public agency's most specific training needs, the Government Training Institute offers a wide range of customized training.

You may choose to send your employees to our open enrollment seminars held at various locations in the metropolitan area at convenient dates and times. Or, we will come to you if you have a group that needs a particular seminar. Our seminars at your on-site location deliver cost-effective training to your local government. Seminars can be custom designed to meet your specific training needs. You determine the seminar content, select the hours and location convenient to your organization. If you prefer, we can help you determine your staff's needs and interests.

Needs Assessments:

The Government Training Institute is equipped to assist local governments in determining their training needs through the process of assessment. A training needs assessment will help local governments become more aware of the factors to consider and include when developing a training program. This process may consist of an employee assessment using focus groups, interviews and questionnaires and an environmental assessment which inventories existing conditions. The results of such an assessment can help you prioritize your needs and build your training budgets to adequately fund the programs over time.

Local governments may also retain the Government Training Institute to administer individual assessments. Knowing one's strengths and developmental needs in four core areas will prove valuable as local governments adjust to increased information and technological demands. These core areas – values, interests, personality, and competencies (skills) – provide a reliable initial estimate of strengths and weaknesses in key competencies essential to success.

Bid Services (Requests for Proposals):

As a result of their financial regulations, local governments are often required to issue a "Request for Proposal" or RFP to secure training services. The Government Training Institute can address this requirement by serving as the broker for training proposals. Well over 100 consultants with expertise in professional development have submitted their credentials and references to the GTI staff. Only high-quality, well-seasoned consultants are retained to respond to GTI's requests for customized training. By involving the Government Training Institute at the beginning of your search for training services, you can save yourself and your agency many hours of time that would be spent in developing the legal document, soliciting proposals, and answering inquiries. GTI staff will provide you with at least three to five qualified candidates that can do the specified work within your budget.

Professional Development:

The Government Training Institute offers a comprehensive package of professional development training that includes organizational, executive, management and supervisory skills, and non-supervisory development. Any of the training programs listed below may be customized to meet your organization's specific training needs.

Technical Training:

The Government Training Institute is prepared to respond to the training needs of the unique technical areas inherent in public organizations. Open enrollment seminars, special events and customized training are offered to assist in various technical areas including: animal control, public works, building codes, property codes administration, fire service, police and public safety, planning and zoning, emergency medical services, engineering, traffic management, solid waste management, construction administration, water/wastewater operations, legal, and methods for finance and revenue forecasting.

Seminars can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the technical specialty area of local governments. We will come to you if you have 10 or more people who need a particular seminar.


Agencies in need of special advice have a rich resource available in the Government Training Institute. Our consultants are some of the area's top professionals. They provide low-cost know-how about strategic planning, communications/marketing, organizational effectiveness, agency image development, quality improvement and other areas.

For More Information:

E-mail Jonathan Morris or call 816-701-8306.