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High-Performance Organization Exploration Lab

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This August, join us at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center for the first ever High-Performance Organization (HPO) Exploration Lab. This three-day experience will be led by faculty from the nationally recognized University of Virginia’s Senior Executive Institute (SEI) and LEAD programs. Submit an application for your organization»

Leadership Labs HPO imageThis lab introduces local and municipal government leaders and staff to the HPO model and emphasizes a regional commitment to the HPO culture. Participating agencies are encouraged to enroll in teams of three or more, so you can go back to your organization with a clear vision of how to integrate the HPO principles into the structure and management of the organization at all levels.

The instructor will help you take your organization to the next level, by exploring gaps between entrenched bureaucratic structures and systems and a new organizational design based on democratic values. You’ll leave with a vision for a healthier and more flexible government that can interact effectively with the community.

Learning objectives and program activities:

  • Discuss organizational and application change models.
  • Provide an overview of the high-performance organization model.
  • Examine the current and past culture and structure of your organization.
  • Explore the evolving nature of work.
  • Review case studies of the HPO model in actual organizations.
  • Discuss leadership philosophies and how they apply to your organization.
  • Develop the first steps for an action plan.

After the initial lab ends, Johnson County government leadership staff trained in the HPO model will guide additional sessions to reinforce the lessons learned and build a regional HPO culture. These four-hour sessions will help you continue to build relationships, reflect on HPO principles and build on the three-day exploration lab.

If you have quetions about the HPO Exploration Lab or are interested in offering customized training opportunities for your agency, please contact Jonathan Morris at 816-701-8306.