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Created to help you meet the challenges facing local governments today and in the future.

As the challenges and opportunities of the metropolitan Kansas City region become more complex, there is a need to continually develop and support public sector leadership in an innovative and engaging space. Local government leaders must adopt a proactive approach that integrates high-performance models, a spirit of collaboration, and problem-solving skills — both inside the organization and outside in the community — to take their communities into the future.

To help you think creatively, rise to the occasion, and create a high-performance organization, MARC, with the help of nationally recognized thought leaders, has developed Leadership Labs. This new initiative provides a collaborative space for public sector leaders to observe, experiment, analyze and innovate, while addressing contemporary trends and exploring leading practices. You will explore high-performance principles, analyze best practices and opportunities for collaboration, and actively engage in problem solving exercise to address emerging trends in local government.

MARC — with the help of nationally recognized thought-leaders in the fields of collaboration, high-performance organizations, and local government — will host multiple leadership laboratories each year.

Leadership Labs consist of three programs focusing on topics of regional interest: the High-Performance Organization Exploration Lab, the Collaborative Leaders Lab and the Problem-Solving Testing Labs.