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The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has established services for its local government members throughout its history. Providing local government services is a cornerstone of MARC’s overall mission as a regional planning organization. MARC strives to assist the greater Kansas City metro city and county governments in their efforts to develop cooperative approaches and shared solutions. Through MARC, local governments collaborate in a number of programs and systems that help them deliver public services and perform administrative functions more efficiently and effectively.

The Government Training Institute was established in 1996 as the result of the expressed interest of local government leaders who are actively working to maintain and improve the ability of their organizations to make effective decisions and deliver quality services. Local governments are placing renewed emphasis on training and development in response to increasing complexities of public problems, rising demands for public services and limitations on public resources. While some training resources have in the past effectively addressed the needs of certain jurisdictions, local governments in greater Kansas City have consistently identified the need for a stronger mechanism that provides comprehensive, predictable and high quality training and development opportunities to all parts of the region. 

The MARC Government Training Institute’s mission is to provide a consistent and responsive mechanism for meeting the training and organization development needs of public organizations. The Institute strives to be the training provider of choice for local governments in the greater Kansas City area by offering training and development of the highest quality when and where it is needed in this region.  The Government Training Institute provides a comprehensive array of training and development opportunities that address a wide range of technical specialties and functional roles that exist in public organizations.

The Government Innovations Forum was formed in 1997 to manage communications between managers and jurisdictions and help implement Managers' Roundtable ideas and initiatives. Supported by contributions from 56 cities and counties, the Government Innovations Forum provides staff support to the Managers' Roundtable and its initiatives and connects members with a variety of regional research and decision-making mechanisms through MARC's Local Government Services program.

The Government Innovation Forum facilitates priority setting through the Managers Roundtable or ongoing dialogue with city and county managers. It produces a monthly newsletter, Management Matters, for managers, assistants, staff and other interested parties. To subscribe, contact Georgia Nesselrode