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Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC)

Program description

The federal Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program provides funding to develop and maintain transportation services that get welfare recipients and other low-income individuals to and from jobs, training and child care. It also funds reverse commute services between central cities and suburban employment locations.

SAFETEA-LU, the transportation legislation passed in 2005, requires that Federal Transit Administration funds for JARC Program projects be distributed in the Kansas City metro area through a competitive selection process that is consistent with the region's Coordinated Public Transit–Human Services Transportation Plan. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is the designated recipient for New Freedom funds in the region and must approve recommended projects as well as administer the funding.

Eligible applicants

  • private, nonprofit organizations
  • state or local government agencies
  • public transportation operators (including private operators)

Applicants please be aware that MARC is implementing 0.5% local match policy for all selected JARC and New Freedom projects. More information regarding this policy can be found below.

Eligible funding uses

JARC funds are available for operating expenses of projects that focus on transportation services that get low-income individuals to and from jobs and employment-related activities. JARC is a cost-reimbursement program that requires 50 percent local matching funds.

Programming Schedule


Jan. 30, 2013

Public notice and call for projects.
Feb. 13, 2013
Pre-application workshop.
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Project submittal deadline; staff review begins.

April 17, 2013

Project presentations and ranking by Special Transportation–Job Access Partnership.

May 21, 2013
Construct a funding recommendation to submit to TTPC for approval and authorization to include in the next TIP amendment, with a recommendation to the MARC and KCATA boards of directors for concurrence.
May 2013

TTPC authorizes the release of a TIP amendment for public review and comment (14 days). KCATA enters preliminary information into the federal grant administration system.

June 2013 MARC Board accepts the amendment to the TIP and sends to federal agencies for approval.
July 2013 Pending federal approval of the TIP amendment, KCATA executes the final grant application.
Aug. 2013 Initiate projects.

AVAILABLE 2012 FUNDING: $672,440

Consult Section I of the Competitive Selection Booklet for a description of estimated FFY 2012 funding.


Submitted applications 2013

2013 Staff Review Worksheet (pdf)