Photoillustration of woman riding bike into trail map

Two states.
Seven counties.
One greenway system.

Making new connections

More trails and greenways were built during the summer of 2013, including new legs on the Happy Rock Park trail and others, as well as a brand new trail that runs along Indian Creek on the Missouri side. Get out and explore our region today! Read more»

National Trails Day

Late each spring, parks and communities across the metro celebrate National Trails Day. The holiday was first recognized in 1993 to raise awareness of our country's trail system. a list of events is compiled each year. Read more»

2013 Regional Trails and Bikeways Map released with companion web app

MARC worked with local governments to produce a regional trails and bikeways map using aerial photography, global positioning and geographic information systems (GIS) data to provide the most up-to-date information available. The new map shows 1,273 miles of trails and bikeways, 571 more miles than the previous edition. Walking and biking can benefit your health, your wallet and the environment. Whether you’re running errands or visiting local parks and trails, the Kansas City region is a great place to explore. Read more»