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11-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, student to be honored as “911 Hero”

May 19, 2017
Deputy Chief James Garrett, Public Information Officer, Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department,, 816-513-4622
Catherine Couch, Public Affairs Coordinator,, 816-701-8389

11-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, student to be honored as “911 Hero”

MARC Public Safety Program recognizes William Rebman who helped his mother during a medical emergency

On Monday, May 22, the Mid-America Regional Council’s Public Safety Communications Program and the Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department will honor 11-year-old William Rebman for demonstrating the proper use of 911 in an emergency. Division Chief Gary Reese will present the award to William at a special ceremony at 8:20 a.m. at Visitation Catholic School located at 5134 Baltimore Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri.

On Friday, April 21, 2017, William found his mother unconscious sitting in a chair. William took decisive action and called 911. During his conversation with Communications Specialist Jessica Womack, William clearly and calmly described the nature of the emergency. He explained that his mother didn’t appear to be breathing. William provided the address and gave a description of the “big stone front porch” to help first responders find the home.

With encouragement from Womack, William followed instructions, unlocked the front door, got his mother to the floor and began CPR, using training he had received as a Boy Scout, until his father arrived and took over the chest compressions. William remained on the phone until emergency crews arrived on the scene.

 “Even though his mother was unconscious with no adult to assist, William remained calm in what would be an emotional and stressful situation for anyone,” said Reese. “By listening carefully and doing what he was asked, William helped give his mother the emergency medical care she needed.”

MARC’s Regional 911 Hero Award program recognizes young people who demonstrate knowledge of the proper use of 911 by performing heroic action during an emergency. In order to receive the award, the child must have initiated the 911 call and performed a heroic act during the course of the emergency that resulted in saving a life, significantly reducing property loss or stopping a crime.
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Note to media: To request the audio file of William’s 911 call, contact Deputy Chief James Garrett at KCFD, 816-513-4622.