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Demonstration Projects

Envision Tomorrow (ET) provides simple estimation of financial feasibility of development projects, comparison among multiple land use or development scenarios, and many environmental, social and financial outcomes. New additions to ET let users explore options for enhanced environmental project design. Users can estimate the capacity, costs, and benefits from green infrastructure features, street trees, and green space preservation.

Aerial photo of a trail in a forestGreen Space Preservation
The land cover module provides information that makes it easier to analyze appropriate levels and locations for preservation of natural land cover. Once the project area is selected on a map, the tool provides a summary of the percentage of land cover preserved by using priority criteria for each land cover class set by the user.
Street Trees
Aerial photo of tree-lined streetsThe street tree module allows users to estimate street tree capacity and determine the percentage of street frontage that could be lined by street trees. It also monetizes and calculates the total net value per tree from energy savings, carbon sequestration, air quality improvements, stormwater managements, and aesthetic/cultural value.
Green Infrastructure
Photo of a rain garden, a best management practice in Green InfrastructureThe green infrastructure module allows users to estimate the capacity, costs, and benefits from green infrastructure features that can be added to or green space/landscaping areas, such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, biofiltration, and rain gardens. Cost per gallon of stormwater handled by the systems is provided, as well as the amount of reduction in pollutant loads.

Demonstration Project Reports

  1. 63rd Street & Troost Avenue: Street Trees Module
  2. 63rd Street & Troost Avenue: Green Infrastructure
  3. Kansas City North Greenfield: Green Space Preservation Module
  4. Truman Green Gateway: Green Space Preservation Module
  5. Blue River Watershed: Street Trees, Green Infrastructure and Green Space Preservation Modules