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Guaranteed Ride Home

A common reason for not participating in ridesharing programs or taking public transportation is a concern about becoming stranded at work in the event of illness, accident or emergency. RideshareKC offers a Guaranteed Ride Home service for eligible commuters. It provides a free taxi cab ride home from work in the case of emergency on a day that you use a commute alternative such as carpooling.

To qualify for the program, your employment location must be within one of the Mid-America Regional Council counties. Guaranteed Ride Home coverage is subject to the availability of taxi service in any given area of the region.

Eligible commuters are carpoolers, vanpoolers, bicyclists, Johnson County Transit riders, City of Independence Transit riders, UG Transit riders and KCATA TRIP Pass holders who use one of these transportation modes on a regular basis.

RideshareKC has contracted for this service with a taxi cab service and is not responsible for the level of service provided.

Participants’ personal information is kept confidential and is never shared with outside entities.

Getting started with Guaranteed Ride Home



Signing up

When you register for the Guaranteed Ride Home service, you'll receive a pass card — valid until the end of the calendar year — and information about what to do if you need an emergency ride home. Many companies have signed up as participating companies and have onsite coordinators who can help you get an emergency ride home. If your organization does not have a coordinator, the RideshareKC office will be your contact and can be reached at 816/842-RIDE.

Keep in mind the normal operating hours of your contact. Rides through the Guaranteed Ride Home service cannot be planned outside of your contact's normal operating hours. Designating an on-site coordinator at your company can help employees with shifts outside of regular daily business hours. If your company wants to participate, let us know. If the RideshareKC staff is your Guaranteed Ride Home contact, be aware that staff is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; RideshareKC is closed on government holidays.

NOTE: Guaranteed Ride Home registration is separate from signing up for the RideshareKC carpool-matching tool.

When you request a ride home:

  • Once a call is made for an emergency ride, you must be confirmed as a registered participant of the RideshareKC program.
  • The Guaranteed Ride Home coordinator or RideshareKC staff person will call the taxi company to request a taxi pickup for you.
  • The taxi driver will fill out a voucher for you to sign.
  • Intermediate stops will only be allowed if they relate to the emergency (for instance, stopping at a pharmacy or your child's school).

When Can I Use Guaranteed Ride Home?

You may use the Guaranteed Ride Home service in the event of an illness or accident involving yourself or a family member, or in the event of an unforseen emergency involving family or personal property. The service may also be available if your carpool or vanpool driver leaves work and you have no ride home. (NOTE: All remaining riders will share a single ride home.)

The service may not be used for:

  • Getting to work if you miss your ride or bus.
  • Business-related travel.
  • Pre-planned medical appointments.
  • Early work dismissal or office closure.
  • A medical condition that requires immediate attention at a hospital or doctor's office.
  • Personal errands.
  • Scheduled overtime.
  • Region-wide weather emergencies that cause roads to be impassable.
  • Building evacuations or office closures that occur during the workday.

How Often Can I Use Guaranteed Ride Home?

You may use the program up to two times during each calendar year. RideshareKC will contact you every year to renew your participation for the following year.

You will lose access to the program if it's used in an unauthorized or inappropriate way.