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Regional Planning

Americans with Disabilities Act resources

MARC supports the Americans with Disabilities Act through public involvement in the transportation planning process and by providing support to local jurisdictions through periodic training and education about responsibilities under the ADA.

Complete Streets

Complete streets — sometimes referred to as livable streets — are roadways designed for safe and convenient travel by users of all ages and abilities. Active living is easier when streets and sidewalks encourage walking and biking. By making roads more accessible for
all modes of transportation, complete streets provide safe and convenient travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities, including children and older adults.

Creating Sustainable Places

The Creating Sustainable Places initiative emphasizes three key land-use goals for the future — vibrant activity centers throughout the region and along strategic transportation corridors offering multiple travel options, reinvestment in existing communities, and conservation of natural systems.

Kansas City Regional Bikeways Plan (2014)

The Regional Bikeway Plan will build on past achievements while ensuring that new investments provide critical links for both on- and off-road bikeway systems. Some of the steering committee’s initial goals for the plan are to expand the MetroGreen system where appropriate; develop a new Regional Bikeway Network map that includes not only current bikeway systems but also greenways and planned expansions of the system; and develop a process for identifying high-priority regional bikeway and trail investments. This planning effort will be coordinated with the current update of Transportation Outlook 2040 — the metropolitan area’s long-range transportation plan — to help clarify regional priority investments and implementation strategies.


MetroGreen is an interconnected system of public and private natural areas,greenways andtrails linking communities throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. The proposed 1,144-mile interconnected system of public and private open spaces and greenway trails designed to link seven counties in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Transportation Outlook 2040

This plan outlines a new vision for how transportation investments will relate to land use in the future.