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Safety Solutions

There are many ways to improve safety by reducing the number of motor vehicle crashes, fatalities, injuries and economic costs attributed to bad driving behaviors. No single solution is effective without a cooperative and coordinated effort. Many low-cost options yield beneficial results.

These efforts involve partners in different professional sectors. Without proper communication, some solutions may be ineffective and overlook other important concerns. To address the regional goal to “…improve the safety, security and well-being of the traveling public” continued in Transportation Outlook 2040,  MARC's objective is to establish a robust, multi-faceted Transportation Safety Planning Program. The program seeks to incorporate safety information and rpoblem-solving into  transportation planning and programming processes and efforts in the Kansas City region.

Examples of safety solutions are classified into our four Es — Education, Engineering, Enforcement and Emergency Response — and should be proposed and used throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.


Safety is…Education

  • Buckling up every time one drives.

  • Honoring Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day on October 10.

  • Conducting a bike rodeo for children.

  • Organizing a Safe Routes to School initialtive or event.


Safety is…Engineering

  • Maintaining clearly visible signs and pavement markings.

  • Using technology to notify motorists of traffic incidents through KC Scout.

  • Establishing two-tenth-of-a-mile reference markers along major highways in the metro.

  • Constructing roundabouts at high crash intersections, where appropriate.


Safety is…Enforcement

  • Passing and enforcing a primary seat belt laws.

  • Convening meeting of local traffic enforcement officers through Operation Impact.

  • Monitoring intersections with cameras to capture unsafe activity like red-light running.

  • Enforcing traffic regulations along I-35 throughout Kansas.

  • Organizing visible saturation patrols across the region on major holidays.


Safety is…Emergency Response

  • Transporting of injured persons to a hospital quickly.

  • Notifying first responders of construction changes that may impact their route
    to an incidient site.

  • Developing an I-70 Incident Management Plan for Missouri.

  • Assisting stranded motorists through KDOT and MoDOT Motorist Assist services.
  • Achieving a statewide goal of transporting crash victims to a trauma center within one hour.