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Study Purpose

Broadway Bridge

Consideration of improvement strategies for the US-169 and I-70 corridors in the heart of the Kansas City region requires a closer look at the transportation network in the immediate vicinity. Thus, the overall objective of this project is to develop a purpose and need statement, reasonable alternatives and a phased implementation plan for multi-modal transportation investments for subsequent analysis under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations and guidance. This study will not produce a single preferred/recommended alternative. This study will produce a set of reasonable improvement alternatives which could be implemented over time according to a phasing strategy.
The general scope of the proposed improvement is the replacement or reuse of the US-169 bridge along with I-70 corridor improvements within the project limits for future access, mobility, safety, system preservation and redevelopment needs. These improvements could include:
  • Strategies to improve traffic flow at the north and south ends of the Broadway Extension Bridge.
  • Strategies to better connect the street grid between River Market and downtown Kansas City for future redevelopment.
  • Other issues to be considered as part of the study will be:
    • access to Port of Kansas City
    • airspace around and access to the Wheeler downtown airport
    • Missouri River navigation
    • bicycle/pedestrian accommodations on major bridges
    • impacts to transit and railroads
    • KDOT plans for Lewis and Clark Viaduct.
The assumptions, procedures, data and decisions made which culminates in the successful completion of this project will be sound and clearly documented. 
According to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations, the PEL study focuses on issues such as general location, mode choice, transportation performance factors, known environmental and cultural resource constraints, area-wide air quality and land use implications of the major alternatives.

Progress Update
MARC is leading the work and providing project management, which includes coordination with various stakeholder groups, the public and a consultant team led by Burns & McDonnell. The study launched in the fall of 2016. More details on the important study milestones will be available soon.

Completion of the PEL study is anticipated by the Spring of 2018.