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These publications produced by the Mid-America Regional Council provide information about the work of MARC's Transportation Department.

Certification Review

Federal Certification Review 2013 ( pdf)

FTA/FHWA Recommendations and Response Matrix (pdf)

MPO Memorandum of Understanding (pdf)

Guide to Transportation Decision Making (1.1 MB, pdf)
This booklet is designed to help area residents understand the complex process of transportation decision making and learn how they can more effectively provide input. It describes MARC's role in the process, as well as the roles of federal, state and local governments. Updated in February 2016.

available en espanol: Una Guía para la Toma de Decisiones sobre Transporte (1.0 MB, pdf)

Creating Walkable Communities (140KB, pdf)
A resource guide for local governments and concerned citizens on how to make communities more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. The report includes guidelines, suggestions and techniques.

Public Participation Plan
Developed in 2007 and revised in 2010, this document describes MARC's policy on involving the public in the transportation planning process.

Pedestrian Crash Analysis
MARC transportation reviewed a range of conditions and locations that illustrate when and where pedestrian crashes occur. Also, Pedestrian Crash infographic.

Peer Transit Analysis
MARC transportation compared the transit operations of the Kansas City region with 10 transit operators across the U.S.


Regional Transportation Safety Blueprint
Transportation safety partners in the bistate Kansas City area and MoDOT's District 4 worked together to develop a regional transportation safety blueprint to complement Missouri's Blueprint for Safer Roadways. Updated in October 2009.

Transit Accessibility Guideline
Area stakeholders have worked with MARC to develop guideline and best practices for accessibility of transit services. (1/8/14)

Transit-Supportive Development Guidebook (1.6MB, pdf)
This guidebook defines transit-supportive development (TSD) and offers specific examples of how TSD could be implemented in both new and existing development situations. Project prototypes include: Beacon Hill and Antioch Mall in Kansas City, Mo.; the Independence Square in Independence, Mo.; the Liberty Triangle area in Liberty, Mo.; Rosedale in Kansas City, KS; and Shawnee Mission Parkway in Shawnee, KS.

Transportation Matters
News blog produced by MARC's Transportation Department 

Transportation Snapshot 
a fact sheet for the Kansas City region, revised March 2015

Reference information about multiple transportation-related facts, all in one document.