Checklist assessment tool available

KC Communities for  All Ages and the First Suburbs coalition has created a Checklist that cities can use to assess their progress as age-friendly communities. Teams from Prairie Village, Raytown, Gladstone and Mission have tested and refined the Checklist, which will be used to form the basis for a Communities for All Ages recognition program. To learn more about the program, view the Checklist, presentation materials or a video of the event, click below. More»

New community engagement tool

MARC is pleased to announce the launch of a new online community engagement tool, The tool will develop and engage a thousand-member online community panel of area residents to take surveys, quick polls and participate in discussion forums about specific topics related to regional issues. The panel will foster three-way engagement — from MARC to community members; from community members to MARC; and between community members. As of July 21, the membership has surpassed 1,000 members. To all of you serving on the community, we greatly appreciate your involvement.

Regional health care report released

The REACH Healthcare Foundation contracted with MARC’s Research Services department to produce a report that analyzes health and social conditions of uninsured and other vulnerable populations in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Kansas City Regional Health Assessment Report, published in June 2013, updates a health data assessment originally prepared for REACH in 2010.

Never leave a child alone in a car

Mid-America Head Start encourages parents across the metro to keep children safe. In 2013, nearly 50 children nationwide died because they were left unattended in a vehicle. If you see an unattended child in a car please dial 9-1-1 immediately. Also, distractions and routines have caused people to accidently leave children behind in cars. Safe Kids USA has established tips and tricks to keep your child safe this summer. Learn more»