Educare: Summer Safety at Charlie's House

Charlie’s House 2425 Campbell Street Kansas City, MO 64108

Participants will tour Charlie’s House, learn about child proofing, fire safety and how to prepare for safety in the summer season.

About this event

Providers will tour Charlie's House Safety Demonstration House, learn about child proofing, fire safety and receive information on how to support their families with safety issues around the home. This training session will also cover seasonal safety concerns for the children in your care during the summer months. Attendees will also take home free safety resources from Charlie's House.

This training is provided in partnership with Charlie's House, which serves as a resource for families, medical professionals and community organizations seeking information on safety and injury prevention. The mission, to prevent accidents and injuries to children in and around the home, is fulfilled through increased awareness, public education, and distribution of safety devices.

Two Missouri clock hours are provided. Educare funding is provided by the MO Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, Office of Childhood. KS providers are welcome to attend but KS clock hours are not provided.

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Topics: Educare

Focus Area: Early Learning