Great Teamwork and Internal Customer Service

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Poor internal customer service directly and negatively impacts customer service overall. This course teaches a process for improving customer focus and developing streamlined processes to increase service quality. Participants will leave this course with a specific plan for improving internal customer service at their organizations.

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Many organizations are paying more attention to internal customer service than ever before. The reason is that external customer service breakdowns are frequently caused by internal customer service breakdowns. This makes the need to serve internal customers equally important to directly serving the external customer. As you know, every interaction gives the customer a message about you, your department and the organization you work for.

Learning objectives

  • Determine who your internal customers are.
  • Discuss how to develop solid working relationships with your internal customers.
  • Describe how to make your internal customers have a great day.

Presenter: Winning Within and Associates

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Winning Within and Associates is a consulting company that provides full scale organizational development, workplace culture and employee engagement solutions. They are committed to providing customized solutions that help customers create winning cultures that leads to transformational change and high performance.

Focus Area: Local Government