KC Regional Counterterrorism Team Training

Norclay Building, 2601 Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO

Counterterrorism Response Team (CTRT) Training This eight-hour course is locally developed by regional police officers and tactical medics. It was developed for regional first responders who will be exposed to and then asked to demonstrate techniques related to countermeasures when engaging with motivated attackers. This instructor-led training will start with classroom instruction which will build to demonstrated techniques and end with practical application scenarios involving simunitions.

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Participants will need to bring conversion kits for their weapons and supply their lunch and drink intake for the day. It will be a working lunch. Simunitions and safety equipment are provided. Cleaning supplies for the safety equipment will also be provided. If you have safety equipment you prefer to use, such as your gas mask, please bring it with you.

Training location

Focus Area: Safety & Security