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Partners in Quality

The Partners in Quality for Early Childhood Education (PIQ ) is the key community collaboration body for early learning in the Greater Kansas City region. In 1996, PIQ was chartered with 16 pilot members and it has grown to include 60 members. PIQ membership comprises representatives from large philanthropic foundations and major service providers. PIQ aims to build a nationally unsurpassed early learning system in our community. PIQ is also charged with developing and updating the multi-year early learning strategic plan, which guides funding decisions. Click here to download a draft version of the PIQ strategic plan. 


2017 Agendas 


2016 Agendas 

2015 Agendas 

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Partners in Quality is committed to working with funders, policy makers and business leaders to make sure we are creating a community that supports families and provides an educational foundation for a great future workforce. Learn more about how you can get involved»

PIQ developed the following focus areas and overarching goals:

School Readiness: Children progress developmentally throughout early education and are ready for school.

Fiscal Sustainability: Ensure fiscal sustainability for a strong quality early learning system.

Increase the supply of quality early learning programs: Maximize access to high-quality early education for all young children.

Supporting Families: Support families’ ability to access what they need to prepare their children for success in school.