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Net Migration by Age

Each year, the U.S. Census Bureau tracks population migration — that is, the number of people moving from one area to another within the United States. In 2013, census data shows that the Kansas City metro had a net migration gain, with 1,316 more people moving into the metro than leaving. Breaking down the data by age shows some substantial differences in the migration pattern. We saw a sharp net outmigration among those aged 18-19, losing almost 7,000 residents. Read the full report»

Time Leaving for Work

When you’re stuck in morning rush-hour traffic on one of Kansas City’s interstate highways, you may feel like all 964,000 area commuters are in your way. But census data shows that more than 27 percent of all KC metro commuters leave for work outside the traditional rush hour (5–9 a.m.). View the report»

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Our reports provide 2013 data on the region's education and workforce, and identifies potential key indicators to measure the region's progress. Reports include topics such as digital storytelling, manufacturing, health care and an economic and workforce update.