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Public Health Preparedness


Co-Chair: Bridgette Casey, Jackson County Health Dept.

Co-Chair: Nancy Tausz , Johnson County Health Dept.

Staff Contacts

Ian Saxton, 816/701-8396

Meeting Information

The RHSCC Public Health Preparedness subcommittee meets at 9 a.m. on the second Monday of every other month (on even months).

All meetings are listed on the emergency services calendar and are open to the public.

Meeting Summaries

To request meeting summaries or agendas, please call MARC's Emergency Services staff at 816/474-4240.

The Public Health Committee is a subcommittee of the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee. The committee is working on implementing a regional disease surveillance and reporting system and improving communications capability for public health agencies in the region.

Current work priorities include:

  • Convening meetings with public health agencies and related task forces to coordinate emergency response planning and operations.
  • Sharing information across jurisdictions and coordinate planning.
  • Determining continuation of the regional disease surveillance system.


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