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Requesting KCRMORG

How to request KCRMORG services

If an impacted jurisdiction’s medical examiner/coroner (ME/C) determines a need for KCRMORG assistance, the requests for activation should be made in conjunction with the impacted jurisdiction’s emergency management director and funneled through the appropriate regional mutual aid coordinator. Impacted jurisdictions in Missouri should contact the Region A Mutual Aid Coordinator (Lee’s Summit Fire Department) and impacted jurisdictions in Kansas should contact the Johnson County Communications Center. These coordinators will in turn contact the KCRMORG Commander and request activation of the KCRMORG. The KCRMORG Commander will dispatch an initial assessment team to the scene to determine resource and personnel needs. From there, call-down to KCRMORG members will be initiated.

Legal authorities, roles and responsibilities

The ME/C is the legal authority for conducting victim identification (or assisting the lead investigative agency to complete victim identification), determining cause and manner of death, and managing death certification. In the event of a mass disaster, the ME/C retains these responsibilities. In mass fatality disasters, no other agency can appropriate these responsibilities. Although KCRMORG provides support to the ME/C to accomplish decedent identification, it cannot speak for the local jurisdiction, nor assume the legal responsibilities of the ME/C. The ME/C retains jurisdictional authority and the KCRMORG team works under the operational control of the local ME/C having legal jurisdiction.