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Paramedic works with IV

Coordinating pre-hospital care for EMS agencies in Greater Kansas City

Agreement helps EMS agencies save on supplies

MARCER coordinates a cooperative purchasing program that allows member EMS agencies to save money on the purchase of more than 285 pre-hospital supply items, including medications. For a price list or more information about the program, contact Ian Saxton at 816/701-8396. 

Guidelines for time-critical diagnosis

For patients who experience trauma, stroke or STEMI, a potentially fatal form of heart attack, time is critical. These conditions require quick assessment, diagnosis and treatment. MARCER's Time Critical Diagnosis plan establishes a uniform set of criteria for the pre-hospital and inter-hospital triage and transport of TCD patients.

MARCER Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Plan

The Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Rescue (MARCER) Committee Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Plan describes the regional coordination of EMS resources during a MCI incident. The plan also provides listing of available resources and personnel, as well as checklists for those responding to the event. The MCI plan also details the use of an electronic patient tracking system available in the metro area.

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