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Chair: Chuck Magaha, Leavenworth County Emergency Management

Staff Contacts

Erin Lynch, 816/701-8390

The MEMC Communications Subcommittee oversees several projects: the Metropolitan Emergency Radio Service (MERS), Integrated Warning Team (IWT) and the Intergrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).


The Communications Subcommittee directs the operation, maintenance, and management of the Metropolitan Emergency Radio System (MERS). MEMC members test the radio system with a monthly a roll call. (Download the roll call form.)


The Integrated Warning Team consists of emergency managers, National Weather Service forecasters and members of the Kansas City area broadcast media. The team comes together to evaluate how warnings can be improved to help ensure that people heed warnings that can save lives in severe weather. 


The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System can send messages through the  Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS). The systems can be usedto broadcast three types of emergency alerts:

  • PRESIDENTIAL ALERTS — Issued by the U.S. President in the event of a nationwide emergency.
  • IMMINENT THREAT ALERTS — Typically issued by the National Weather Service; in the Kansas City metropolitan area, these would include tornado, flash flooding, ice storm and blizzard warnings.
  • AMBER ALERTS — Issued by law enforcement to share information about a child abduction.

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