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Solar photovoltaic systems class

Code officials, plan reviewers and solar installers learned about electrical code requirements for solar installation at an October 14 workshop conducted by Janet Hughes as part of the Solar Ready II program.

Solar Ready II works to streamline solar permitting processes in the region and partners with the National Association of Regional Councils to share best practices with nine other U.S. regions.

Be idle-free at your school

idle-free school zone

Car idling is a big concern for air quality, and one place that is notorious for lots of idling engines is your local school. When dropping off or picking up children from school, it’s important to be aware of your idling habits. Turning off your car engine while stopped helps improve the air quality by reducing the amount of ozone-forming emissions and other pollutants.

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Water quality mini-grants awarded for 2014

MARC Water Quality Education Committee

The Water Quality Education Committee mini-grant program is designed to improve public understanding of the negative impact that stormwater runoff has on our local rivers and streams. These grants allow individuals and community groups to develop educational activities, host events and implement projects. Local governments pool their resources to conduct public education around water quality issues, and use a portion of the program budget to support community grants. Learn more »

HHW Shouldn't go in the trash

HHW logo
A typical home can contain a vast array of household hazardous wastes (HHW). Products like paint, oil, batteries and pesticides shouldn’t be tossed into regular trash. Each year, the MARC Solid Waste Management District hosts a series of HHW collection events in participating communities. Learn how to dispose of your HHW properly» or find an event near you»

Residential Energy Calculator 

You can easily calculate your home's energy efficiency with a new web-based calculator on Once you have entered your home's information, you can save your results and compare your usage over time. The calculator will also provide tips on how to decrease your overall energy usage.