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Management Council

This council of local elected and appointed officials provides guidance in development of solid waste management policies. Management Council meetings are generally held bi-monthly (in conjunction with the Executive Board) on the third Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. at the Mid-America Regional Council offices located at 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. Dates and locations are subject to change.

Contact Lisa McDaniel for more information about district meetings at

Executive Member = Executive Board Member

Kansas City, Mo.

  • Michael Shaw, Assistant to the Director, Public Works, Kansas City, Mo., Vice Chair Executive Member
  • Dennis Murphey, Chief Environmental Officer
  • Marleen Leonce, KCMO Solid Waste
  • Vacant, KCMO

Cass County

  • Traey Lambertz, Codes Director, Cass County Executive Member
  • Wayne Tiffany, Cass County
  • Les Whiteside, Mayor, Archie
  • Alexa Barton, Assistant City Manager, Belton
  • Patricia Masterson, Mayor, Cleveland
  • Terry Mayfield, Mayor, Drexel
  • Jim DeRemer, Mayor, Freeman
  • Randy Jones, City Administrator, Garden City
  • Kevin Wood, Mayor, Harrisonville
  • Steve Besermin, Public Works Director, Lake Winnebago
  • Carl Brooks, City Engineer, Peculiar
  • Bob Kee, Public Works Director, Pleasant Hill
  • Steve Welch, Assistant Public Works Director, Raymore

Clay County

  • Gene Owen, Western Commissioner, Clay County Executive Member
  • Brad Garrett, Assistant County Administrator, Clay County
  • Ray Portwood, Mayor, Avondale
  • Jim Stoufer, Claycomo
  • Tim Nebergall, Director of Public Works, Gladstone
  • Pat Slusher, Mayor, Glenaire
  • Marie Steiner, Alderman, Kearney Executive Member
  • Andy Noll, Public Works Director, Liberty
  • Pat Hawver, Public Works Director, North Kansas City
  • David Slater, Mayor, Pleasant Valley
  • Steven Garrett, City Administrator, Smithville

Clay and Ray Counties

Jackson County

Platte County

  • Daniel Erickson, Planning and Zoning Director, Platte County Executive Member
  • Greg Sager, Director of Public Works, Platte County
  • Invited, Camden Point
  • Invited, Dearborn
  • James Snook, Jr., Mayor, Edgerton
  • Invited, Ferrelview
  • Ann Dwyer Sanders, Citizen, Lake Waukomis Executive Member
  • Doug Wylie, Alderman, Parkville Executive Member
  • Leonard Hendricks, Public Works Director, Platte City
  • John Smedley, Mayor, Platte Woods
  • Kathy Rose, Mayor, Riverside
  • Tanya Finn, Alderman, Weatherby Lake
  • Mike Large, Public Works, Weston

Ray County

  • Gary Wilhite, Presiding County Commissioner, Ray County Executive Member
  • Mark Twyman, Western County Commissioner, Ray County
  • Bob McCorkendale, Mayor, Hardin
  • Trish Wartenbee, City Clerk, Orrick
  • Ron Brohammer, City Administrator, Richmond
  • L. George Bentley, Wood Heights

Ex Officio Members (Kansas-side communities)

Johnson County

  • Julie Davis, Environmental Department, Johnson County
  • Ruth Hopkins, representative, Johnson County Council of Mayors
  • Vacant, Lenexa
  • Kent Seyfried, Solid Waste Coordinator, Olathe
  • Jim Twigg, Environmental Manager, Overland Park
  • Nolan Sunderman, Assistant City Manager, Shawnee

Leavenworth County

  • Tammy Saldivar, Solid Waste Director

Miami County

  • J.R. McMahon, Director of Road and Bridge

Unified Gov. of Wyandotte County/KCK

  • Ken Mack, Solid Waste Manager