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Shared services report is positive

MARC has a long history of working with local governments to develop cooperative approaches and shared solutions. Through MARC, local governments collaborate in a number of programs and systems that help them deliver public services and perform administrative functions more efficiently and effectively. These programs include the Regional 9-1-1 System, the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative, the Government Training Institute, Operation Green Light and much more. In 2015, an inventory and analysis of current shared services was completed. See report for more details»

IBTS to provide local government services

In June 2012, the MARC Board of Directors approved a contract with the Institute of Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) that would allow local governments in the region to access building department services. This pilot project will help cities with limited resources control costs for a range of services. MARC is currently exploring other services that could be provided through this model. For more information, visit our shared services page or contact Georgia Nesselrode.

First Suburbs prepare for changing demographics

The First Suburbs Coalition has formed a partnership with KC Communities for All Ages, a regional initiative to help communities prepare for the large increase in older adults that will occur over the next two decades. The partnership has produced a Community for All Ages toolkit, now available online. The partnership has also published a new Idea Book on universal design.

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