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Certified Public Managers

A program for state, city, county and federal managers

The Kansas Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program is a professional education opportunity for managers working in government agencies, nonprofits, and organizations that contract to provide public services and meet community needs. CPM is a nationally accredited management program and certification in which participants develop and strengthen their management skills through a competency based curriculum. The program can fill a training gap for staff with significant technical expertise who seek to further their knowledge of current management practices.

The Kansas Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program is open to all residents in the 9-county MARC region.

The Kansas CPM program was established in 1993. Since that time close to 1,500 public managers from all across Kansas and in the MARC service region have completed certification. The CPM certificate is a nationally recognized emblem of management excellence. The program was initially accredited in 1993 and has continued receiving accreditation, most recently in 2013. MARC has partnered with the Kansas CPM program since 2002

For more information about the CPM program, please contact Terri Callahan, CPM Program Director, University of Kansas Public Management Center. Phone: 785-864-6864, email: